Some locks could leave you vulnerable, but not this lock…



Many of the dead-bolt locks we checked do not offer the level of security you may expect. A couple of well-placed kicks or a common cordless drill was all it took beat every lock other than the Medeco Maxum 11WC60L .

Those test effects are specifically unsettling due to the fact that forcible entries, such as kick-ins, are the most common type of house break-ins. And 67 percent of respondents to our national study depend on dead-bolt locks to assist keep their homes secure. But any dead-bolt lock is better than the typical key-in-knob variety.

The only flaw we discovered in the Medeco lock was its brass finish, which tainted. We tested the brushed-nickel finish of the exact same lock; it scored Excellent.

We spent weeks spying, hammering, picking, pummeling, and exploration locks, and few scored well. A handful proved far more vulnerable than a lot of.

Parts are often inadequate

All locks come with a strike plate that attaches to the door frame. But as we’ve reported in the past, far a lot of of those are flimsy. Except for the Assa M80, $ 95, the kick-in resistance of a lot of locks enhanced drastically when we changed the strike plates with a Mag High Security Box Strike, $ 10. You could buy it, or its equivalent, at home centers and online. However we think a lock must be safe and secure without your having to get an additional part.

Drills quickly open most locks

With all except the two locks categorized as high-security, even an ordinary cord-less drill could drill out the cylinders in 2 mins or less. Our tests on the Assa and Medeco, which have set cylinders around the product line, ruined the locks however refuted access– so you ‘d need to replace the lock however not your home’s contents.

And 67 percent of respondents to our nationwide study count on dead-bolt locks to assist keep their homes secure. Any type of dead-bolt lock is better than the common key-in-knob selection.

Medeco’s Maxum 11WC60L – The Deadbolt That Actually Works.

The ultimate in protection for your home and family, the Medeco Maxum 11WC60L is famous for its unique lock technology which resists forced entry, prying and hammering, and it is virtually impossible to defeat with picking tools.