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Door Lock

Prior to moving in to a new home, the very first point you must do is alter the door locks for all exterior doors. With a little method and experience you will have the ability to transform locks rapidly with little to not a problem. Brooklyn Heights locksmith will help you feel safe and protected in your new house knowing you hold the only keys to the doors.

Think ahead and even before you move to a new place, call Locksmith Brooklyn Heights to make an appointment to change the door lock, call 718-989-2059.

If you want to change the lock on the door by yourself, here are the instructions, but if things get complicated, do not hesitate to call Brooklyn Heights Locksmith to help you out with the lock work and to show you options of locks and keys.

How to change a door lock?

Instructions and tips

  1. Look on the door latch to figure out the brand name of lock. Investment the very same brand name of lock to avoid making any kind of adjustments to the door.
  2. Take the measurement of your door’s backset. Procedure from the latch of the door to the facility of the door knob. Criterion dimensions are 2 3/8 inch to 2 3/4 inch.
  3. Take out the screws from the old door lock. Get each fifty percent of the lock out of the door after the screws are eliminated.
  4. Remove the screws from the edge of the door. Get rid of the old lock.
  5. Change the door lock – Insert the new lock. Insert the screws into the side of the door and secure securely.
  6. Place the front and back of the lock back with each other inside the door. Reinsert the screws and secure them securely.

Saving Tip: If the interior lock pieces are the same brand name and size, you do not have to change them.

Be Aware Tip: When changing the entire lock, glue wood golf tees in to the screw holes on the edge of the door. Breeze off the best of the tees and place the new screws.

Locks like as: medeco, multilocks, schlage lock, kaba ilco locks have higher protection for your place.
Having higher safety door secures installed on your new company or residence is the initial step in providing protection for your property.
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