key and lock

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to improve entry door & security and put off thieves.

Are you locked out?
Do you want locks installed or locks changed?
Need a duplicate key or replacement key?
Are you looking for top-grade high security locks?
Would you like custom locks and security hardware?

Here at Brooklyn Heights Locksmith, we enjoy providing our customers the best locksmith service available in Brooklyn, NY. We provide you with all your locksmith needs including lock repairs, lockouts, lock upgrades and even safes, entry door security and all security products. We do it all! Call Brooklyn Heights NY Locksmith, you wont regret it! We charge a fair price while executing a Professional job in minimal time. The customer is always satisfied with the outcome. Locksmith Brooklyn Heights has many returning customers because they know that we always get the job done right.


Once a year you should make a safety check of your home to identify areas that need attention. You should check security at entry doors, the home interior, the garage and the yard, and make sure you have working warning devices such as CO and smoke alarms.


Check all entry doors. Every house should have an insulated steel, fiberglass or solid core wood door at each entry point.

Make sure that each entry door also has a deadbolt lock with at least a 1″ throw.

Consider installing electronic keypads or locks with “smart key” technology for added safety.
Pin-tumbler locks, the most common design for exterior doors, can easily be picked using a special key, called a “bump key”, that tricks the pins into allowing the lock to turn. This is called lock bumping. Various lock
manufacturers offer “bump-resistant” locks that make bumping difficult or impossible. Some designs, called “smart keys” can easily change the key configuration, known as re-keying, in less than 30 seconds. Ask your Brooklyn Heights Locksmith associate for assistance selecting an appropriate entry door lock for your security needs.

At Brooklyn Heights Locksmith NY we suggest that you will check all entry door jambs for strength.
-To make sure your jamb can withstand a pry bar or a kick, install 2-3″ screws along its length.
-You can also add a door jamb reinforcement kit designed to fit over existing door-frames

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